Slow and Behind but Destined to Reign (By Abraham Eninnla)

Those who are created with a definite purpose to reign and become great in life often experience difficulty in their lives generally. Things don’t happen really well for them as they found themselves positioned at the back sit of many affairs of life. They struggle all through their trying moments to become great in life – such greatness that they can visualize with the vision eye but seems as if they will never get there considering their present circumstances and situation. Take a big lesson from the growth and development of human being as compared to that of animals generally. First, after birth man has to lie down on his back for some months, while the little animal is already walking about. At another stage human learns to sit down but won’t be able to move about, while their animal counterpart are already racing about. Then at another stage human begin to crawl on the ground, while at this stage the animal is already jumping, hopping and flying. Then at last man begin to walk and turns around to become intelligent, wise and strong enough to rule and reign over all animals and every living thing on the surface of the earth; who incidentally have gone ahead of him before. A person that is destined to reign in life might find himself lying down on his back while others around him are already walking about as successful being. This is the period in his life when God wants him to lie down and rest while he studies life and its ways. At another stage he learns to sit and watch others move around. He is restricted, he can’t do many things; he doesn’t seem to know what to do to get ahead in life. He lacks the ability to do things on his own except he get some supports here and there. Then, he gets up from sitting position to crawling, while he watches others standing on their feet – he seems to look up to people for many things. Others are already standing upright in their right place in life. They are focus and can see ahead clearer than he can. They can climb walls, jump across a height, swim along the waves and run faster with great speed. But he is still learning to crawl. Then, he gets up from crawling and begins to walk and become stronger. He then grows to become stronger and becomes greater than those who are far ahead of him in the things he is doing. He becomes the ruler in their midst and people; the old, the elderly ones, elder brothers and sisters, parents, families, relatives, friends, peer group etc. Your experience in life they appear difficult and full of challenges. You don’t seem to know where you are going and others seem to be seconds, minutes, and hours faster than you. Some of the people you grew up with are now far ahead of you and it seems you are nothing but zero – listen to this…. “where a building is designed to go very high, its foundation has to go really.. very deep” You are destined to rule so don’t give up on yourself keep moving. You will get there — And rule over them all. Abraham Eninla (C.E.O) Lead Vision Concepts


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