What manner of dream is this or could it be a form of vision?
Dear Lord,this should not be if it’s for me,a kind of revelation
Empty nightmare it should be for we have had enough bomb detonations
War is not an American movie and we pray not for it in our nation
Your peace you give with all pleasure
Your love you give without measure
The life of your only son you laid because our world you greatly treasured
So why would anyone beat the drum of war,is what my understanding is yet to capture?
These boko haram bombs are capable of tearing this country into pieces
Even those who should know talk recklessly as they please
They seem to enjoy the show but where’s the peace?
Read Mamhud Jega’s piece on Wole Soyinka,you will surely get pissed
When you say your minds as you see events,they will tag you a tribalist
When you make submissions that are capable of weakening their dominance,they term you a separatist
When you call for a mutual solution between the North and South,they will call you an anarchist
When you oppose the status quo based on your faith beliefs,politicians will call you a fundamentalist
Yet,none is ready to help fashion a roadmap to peace
All they do is to whip sectional sentiments to ensure we do not have a feel of peace
Knowing full well that the ace is in their hands for us to achieve a collective peace
Help us O God for now more than before,we need more than just peace

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