We all live on the cummulative wrongs as laid on our political bed
Our national woes are compounded as we live the lies we were fed
Sense of personal mission is missing as we go the direction we’re led
All we do everyday is crying to God to avoid war until our eyes become red
Now within this national boundary,peace in a section had fled
Our compatriots who for years,settled down to seek their daily bread
Would have to abandon their wealth to save their heads
Touching was the moment as the tears rolled down the eyes of royal heads
Our un-answered question remains if we are a nation without a thinking head?
Or how did we get to this sorry pass so much that hatred in boko hearts we bred?
As boko struck in kano and Bauchi,just like madalla,cries were all we shed
Cries of sorrow for our nation, for they did as they said
What step do we take O God to avoid this un-necessary bloodshed?
Hear us O Lord,for Nigeria is truly at her political watershed


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