Imaging they have a group christened governors’ forum

Demons in whose hearts,God has no room

Greatness of Nigeria,they don’t know how to groom

 They are mostly in power, at our expense,just to groove


Good governance discourse in Nigeria would soon be a heresy

Our leaders continue to rule like men with hearts for no mercy

Wisdom,to them is hard to come by,like kulikuli in New Jersey

Yet they play us as they want,but with no touch of talent, like football’s Messi


one of them said Nigerians like it free or very cheap

A failed governor talking like a captain in Nigeria’s flagship

Visit his state and see how citizens are getting killed like a sheep

Yet he had the guts to tell us to endure the economic hardship


There’s another one of these governors named Suswan

If he talks you would think his state has been transformed like Taiwan

But among the failures, he takes the lead as number one

Yet,he’s teaching us to endure pains,as they dish out,one-by-one


The one that disappointed me the most is the man called Oshiomole

Just yesterday,Adams was the peoples’ anti-oppressors’ Baale (leader)

But levels have changed,as he opens mouth like the road constructed by Sonel Brunel(Now RCC)

Tell him if he can’t help us get better,he should just fiwasile (leave us alone)


There’s another one called Isa Yuguda

A governor that talks from both sides of his mouth as if he’s drunk with gulder

His words to the polity,are often toxic and sometimes suicidal

Yes he never preached to us,how to peacefully live 2geda

Among the failures,he takes gold as a medal


Also, there’s ex-governor but now a senator

A young man full of intelligence with none to mentor

For he’s better seen by the masses as worse than a traitor

Never mind,your reward lies in the hand of God our creator

BY OLATONA OLABODE(During fuel subsidy removal debacle)

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