He came lamenting he had no shoes

Gullible we were thinking he would get us shoes

Power changed that permutations for now he can afford designer shoes

Our lives he transformed by taking away,through subsidy removals, our only shoes


Inspiring as he said we can make it as he made it

But can citizens aspire when there’s no food for them to eat

Poverty,insecurity and zonal divisions form their political beats

I-voted-GEJ-and-not-PDP crowd have started feeling the heat


Boko would be history,he bragged;by June

June is here but Boko is waxing an unprecedented,much more dangerous tune

Shooting,bombing as if therein lies their socio-political fortunes

Ask Maiduguri residents and you would hear,for them, it’s fast becoming a black June


Serious challenge of nation-building,we have;for our system is obviously empty

Even technocrats with beautiful CVs, offer no substance but only appeal to our sympathy

Well that’s our state and it’s a pity

Let this generation wake up for the task of nation-building starting from our cities

By Olatona Olabode


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