Arise O’ compatriots,for our promised land is already here

The un-answered question is when shall we truly get there?

Obviously not with the tainted hands that promised us fresh air

Nor by the possessed and depraved minds that have come to foul up our political air

But by accepting responsibilities that we are the Nigerians that will build up our nation

Irrespective of our class,status,tribe,religion,or socio-economic station

Our nation is blessed,yet majority of our citizens live in economic deprivations

Why won’t they?When even Mr Integrity allegedly fell into ‘dollar-bribe’ temptation

Socio-economic cum political  justice in our nation is long dead

Check local,state and federal government(s),all you see are not leaders but feckless figurehead(s)

Simple reason why corruption thrives and we all wear the crown on our heads

Yet we cry everyday for corruption has systemically taken away even our beds

We have desired a new nation for long,so let’s all work for its birth

This is only possible when we change our ways and give ourselves a character rebirth

Nigeria depends on us for we are her flesh,blood and heart

Let’s do the needful else,we end up not having again;Nigeria on planet earth

By:Olatona Olabode

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One thought on “BIRTH OF NEW NATION

  1. That’s another wake up call for us all, we need to take our destinies into our own hands. Let’s not forget that the future is ours, not that of those miscreants in political offices now. God will not come down to do that which we ourselves should do. Don’t let’s use spiritual solutions on physical issues. God helps those who helps themselves.

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