Arise O’compatriots


Gird up your loins like visionary patriots

Time to walk the talk is here,let’s stop dropping just like parrots

The time is here to put an end to these PDP rots


We daily pray to God to direct our noble cause

But we,per second;behave like a nation that’s cursed

Our collective actions,consciously or unconsciously;derail the ship of our state from its course

For we daily refuse to walk and work towards the needed change; of course


We daily pledge to Nigeria our country

But we,per minute,shy away from our responsibilities to be part of that great history

Of generation that strive successfully in putting an end to national miseries

Caused by clueless party(PDP) without socio-economic cum political nor technological masteries


Our politicians are all almost the same in content but let’s end this PDP rule in Particular

To Save our children and future generations from corruption dwelling under PDP’s umbrella

One thought on “Arise O’compatriots

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head, we need to act, not sleep like cowards and expect heaven to do that which man can do for himself. Whether we like it or not I will not stop saying these men are not goin to be a part of the future to come. They are only creating more problems for us, the earlier we stop them the better, so they don’t ruin this great nation whom we are called to obey. God Bless Nigeria, God Bless us all. Nice write up bro.

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