Nigeria is a blessed country because she has humans like you and me.A nation blessed with abundance of talents,skills and creativity as well as natural endowments should have no business with poverty.God has made Nigerians to be persevering,hardworking and ‘smart-working’.That Nigeria’s economy is not doing well is a pointer that so many Nigerians are not doing well.So why would a blessed people go round-and-round,rigmarole in poverty?

The goodnews for all Nigerians is that God blessed us each with everything(NECESSITIES) we need to be successful and that we are here at this time is a pointer that God has loaded us for the fulfilment of His PURPOSE concerning Nigeria.So why are we not a prosperous nation in real terms?Because we have not turned these talents,skills and creativities with all the natural endowments(NENCESSITIES) into wealth(LUXURIES) for our nation.

Our talents,skills and creativities are the necessities which God has placed in our hands to create a beautiful world for ourselves and the surrounding societies in terms of contributions through values we add to our inborn talents in such ways as to benefit our environments.

Nigeria will continue to be what she is until we all change who we are.The prosperity of Nigeria does not truly depend on the visionless,clueless and corrupt PDP national government nor on the disasters calling themself, leaders at the state and local government levels.Nigeria’s prosperity depends on her populace’s prosperities.The call now is for each of us to search out again what’s truly deposited in us by God and that’s what we find ourselves passionate about.Go out now,close your eyes to the doors conceived by your minds but not there in reality.Forget the giants you perceive for they are just mirage.Focus on how to discover and live your PURPOSE and above all,ignore your present state regardless of what your neighbour(s) think(s) or say(s) about you for whatever they know about you is just a portion of your life and not your entire story.Turn your necessities to luxury and your story will mesmerize them.Above all,pray hard as you work hard.

Nigeria is calling on the true patriots in business,civil service,politics,sports,entertainment,engineering,science,technology,art,finance,accounting,auditing,banking,academics,manufacturing,insurance,aviation,real estate,trading,mining,farming,fishing,transportation,telecoms,security,leadership,governance,civil societies,law,jounalism,fashion,etc to turn their necessities(talents,skills,creativities,natural resources) into luxuries(wealth) for her to be truly prosperous.Nigeria is not beseeching us to use our necessities to rape her.She’s not calling us to turn her blessings to curse on her inhabitants,she’s only saying let the generations of your children live in PEACE,PROGRESS AND PROSPERITY.Then her glory would exalt God her maker among the comity of nations.So Arise O’compatriots,Nigeria’s call Obey…

So help us dear God.

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  1. U’ve spoken well my brother, a true patriot creates chances for people to develop their God given talents and become a blessing to our Nation. We only need to believe in ourselves, we were created and exist in this country for a purpose, now we need to start living d dream in reality. Nigeria is blessed as Bode has said but we need to leave the ideals of our greedy leaders, we should understand that the words “Unity in diversity” goes beyond tribe and religion, it has everything to do with how we live and how we treat the next person around us. If we don’t start treating each other right and create opportunities for our fellow Nigerians regardless of where dey’re from (social strata). Enough is enough of all d ill treatment we give ourselves. Remember, those who inspire us to do evil are not goin to be a part of the future we are creating, the consequences would be ours and that of our children, its up to us to live right and undo the evils we were brought up with. God help us all, God bless Nigeria.

  2. I concur with you Tfade.We are in this crusade not for ourselves but the generation of our children and beyond,They should not live to see nor witness this evil.The gospel for a better Nigeria continues.Nice one bro.

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