Nigeria is, in all definitions,a nation destined for greatness.God graciously blessed this nation with everything needed by any nation to be prosperous and progressive in terms of human and material resources.That Nigeria is where she is presently beats all right thinking persons’ imaginations.So it would be correct to submit that Nigeria is what she is because of who are.


Why would Nigeria suffer this terrible fate from her citizens?Why would a nation so blessed be made to totter in the valley of hopelessness?The reason is that we never accept Nigeria as ours.Our founding fathers defined Nigeria in different ways and their definitions had made Nigerians to become un-Nigerians,generations after generations.We only see from the perspective of our-turn-to-rule,not for the collective happiness,peace and prosperity but to oppress,supress or repress others.This is the reason we embrace the type of democratic(?) system that is killing Nigeria easily.We don’t mind nor do we give a damn(apologies to Mr President) if there’s no peace nor prosperity for Nigerians as long as we are enjoying the looting spree in strong collaborations with our stooges and cronies.


Imagine the revelations coming out since 1999 about the magnitude of sleaze going on in Nigeria.Most of these sleazes are still unresolved till today.What it takes to shift attentions of Nigerians from one scandal is to bring up another scandal.Let me remind you of some of them-


  1. Police Equipment Fund scandal
  2. Ministry of Health scandal involving Senator Iyabo Obasanjo
  3. $180 million Halliburton scandal
  4. $17 million Siemen Scandal
  5. $6 million Wilbros  bribe scandal
  6. $214 million National Identity scandal
  7. Almost $24 million looting of Edo State involving Lucky Igbinedion
  8. $16 billion power project scam
  9. =N=38 billion COJA scam of 8th All Africa Games
  10. Patricia Etteh’s =N=648 million  scandal
  11. Dimeji Bankole’s =N=10 billion House loan scandal
  12. IGP Tafa Balogun’s several billion scandal
  13. Olabode George NPA contract splitting scandal
  14. Governors Gbenga Daniel,James Ibori,Alameighsia,Alao Akala and others being tried or jailed for stealing public funds
  15. Several Refinery Turn Around Maintenance(TAM) scandal
  16. Senator Adolphus Wabara’s bribe-for-budget scandal etc.
  17. Police Pension Reform task force scandal
  18. Pension fund scandal
  19. Capital market probe scandal
  20. Fuel subsidy scandal etc

Imagine what Nigeria would have been if all these scandals had not happened or have been resolved lawfully and various loots returned to the treasury for begging development.Imagine avoidable deaths that would have been averted.Imagine avoidable accidents that would have been averted.Imagine the possibilities of Mark Zuckerberg,Bill Gates,Steve Jobs coming from Nigeria and the economic effects.Imagine our security agencies having enough funds for training,equipments and sophisticated intelligence gathering.Imagine Nigeria being the economic hub of Africa.Imagine Nigeria being the darling of investors.Imagine Nigeria as a nation thriving in PEACE,PROGRESS AND PROSPERITY.Imagine Nigeria as a land of fulfilled destiny.

The above scenarios are the realities Nigeria is missing from the actions of Nigerians at both micro and macro level. O dear Nigeria,you are not alive to truly fulfil your destiny because your children hate you so much,so much that they do everything possible to deny you of your God-given wealth and health.Such is the fate of Nigeria,a nation murdered by Nigerians.

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  1. In the Bible we are told to pray for our Jerusalem (our home). Funny how its easier these days to hear us say “God bless America” than we say “God Bless Nigeria”. We have sold our souls to the devil, claiming “afterall, its not my business as long as I’m comfortable and can provide for my own family”. Beyond your family, what happens when the neglected ones wage war? I read a blog recently on the demolition of Makoko where and annonymous person said “we know what to do but we don’t want to fight the government, he went further to say those policemen brought to guard the area were there cause they left them, that they cud just drag them in water and drown them, afterall we are better swimmers than they are he concluded”. We should not wait until things go wrong for us before we stand for the truth, let’s raise our voices already, stand for change, speak against the thieves that are draining this economy and country of all the goods she has to offer us. They will not stop until the cry for change becomes to loud and unbearable. They should know that the time comes, and it is now that those who they assume were ignorant were simply quietly scheming to implement a change agenda. It will not be easy, but we’ll definitely get there. Nigeria is blessed and her people will treat her as such. GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

    • May God richly bless Nigeria through us.Nigeria must work in our own time.It’s going to be a great task but God will see us through.Many thanks for this response.

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