Oh what a country that we,to satisfy our ego,have to cheat or steal!

Oh where’s the old religion that,we without conscience,recklessly fiddle into our collective till?

Where’s the patriotism that we wickedly take away bread from those seeking ground to till?

For our comfort we take away their daily meals

Yet we pray the nation,in the face of storm we created,to be still

We destroy our roads because we expect to always travel by air

Invisible hands of nature,is showing us now; that our nemesis lies right in the air

Oh how our stolen wealth fails to protect us from our fears!

Just because unto our brethren,we were not fair

In the days of our fathers,at christmas,our villages we longed to visit

But now,peace we have murdered and our villages we dread to visit

Equity is against our acts,justice is blind to our cause

For we turned divine blessings for our people into a curse

Poor,you will always have in your midst we glibly mouth

But 112 million poors in Nigeria,a blessed nation,leaves sour taste in one’s mouth

Like MTN,social disorder in the form of kidnappers,armed robbers,is everywhere we go

The question is if we are not being defeated by our greedy goals?

When,consequent upon our actions; we have no home to go

Olatona Olabode works with Kingzcrown Consulting,Abuja

Follow on twitter @ amdegreat 


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